Security support

Excellent Technical Team

To ensure the security of the assets, we cooperate with Bither wallet. The cold wallet allows users to store at the most 2000 BTC, 10000 LTC; The wallets will be store in two different cities and stored in safe cases; The online wallet allows users to keep a maximum amount of 3000 BTC for daily transaction, when the transfer request is over 1000 BTC, it can only be transacted by on-line wallet; The wallet password is made of 16 complicated words, the password is divided into two parts and stored by different people in different places;

Over 80% of the users’ assets is stored by cold wallet, this means their assets are physically isolated from the Internet and the security level is enhanced.

The sensitive data is split and the redundancy is controlled, it is encrypted with AES-256 technology and stored outside the servers.                      

Security system and real-time surveillance system are built on the server to defense hacker attack.                                                                                        

Security Using HTTPS Protocol

High Security Level Wallet Application

  • The data has been encrypted by SSL(HTTPS) Technology.
  • The wallet(private address) is encrypted with AES-256 technology.
  • We invested greatly in building the security system for Bitbank.
  • We are well-prepared for the defense of various hacker attacks and potential danger.
  • Fixing the bugs that are found.
  • 24 hours’ guard for important facilities.

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